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Sure, you buy an EV to save money on gas. Never has it been more important than now. Lexus has been a pioneer in the hybrid market, and with the Lexus RZ SUV, they are paving the way for a sexy hybrid. When you think of crossovers such as Audi Q5 Hybrid or BMW X3 Hybrid this Lexus RZ is right up there with them 


Speaking of saving at the pump, the fuel efficiency due to the regenerative braking system is one of the best features of the hybrid luxury SUV.  

Another feature you’ll love is the ability to maintain traction on slippery roads which is a breeze thanks to the electronic stability system. Other cars overcorrect and make traction control even worse. It is really a double benefit as it uses energy recovery systems efficiently by sending it back through your generator while simultaneously braking so there isn't any wasted energy! Pretty neat, huh?  


The RZ 450 crossover isn’t available in the US yet, but it is already a sought-after vehicle.  



Here are just some of the best features of the Lexus RZ 450 crossover that make it stand out from other luxury SUV hybrid vehicles.   

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  • EAxle, the name of the electronic axle, sends power to all wheels, yes both front and rear. What’s so cool is that it measures the weight of the vehicle and impact on the ground to miraculously provide the best driving conditions, even in inclement weather.  

  • It may not look huge from the outside, but the interior is spacious, even for back seat passengers.  

  • Fuel efficiency with a range of up to 225 miles.   

With all of these great features, is the fuel efficiency of the Lexus RZ that good?  

The Lexus RZ 450 crossover is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to marry stunning looks and luxury with fuel savings! The Lexus RZ 450 has a range of up to 225 miles on a single charge. How fast does this SUV crossover charge? With level 3 charging this Lexus EV will be at 80 percent in 30 minutes according to the car maker. 

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Why we love the regenerative braking system on this Lexus crossover.  

Activated by a switch on the dash, the braking systems sends a signal to the internal electronic controls in the car. From there, the motors are activated in the front and back, using electricity from the batteries.    

Lexus RZ 450 crossover is Yoke, y’all 

The yoke steering wheel is a neat feature of this car because it provides drivers with better control over the vehicle, making it easier and safer to drive. This type of steering wheel is becoming increasingly popular in newer cars because it offers many benefits over traditional steering wheels. Because its performance is based on the car speed and driver input, it gives the driver more control. One benefit is that it allows drivers to keep their hands in natural positions while driving, which can help reduce fatigue. Since Lexus knows that it takes some getting used to, it is an optional feature on the car.  



Sleek and stylish, and sporty, the Lexus SUV checks all the boxes for a stunning crossover.  Interested in learning more about EVs? Check out our guide on Lexus EVs here.

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